Samsung Repairs

Yes, yes, yes SAMSUNG, you read it correctly. The Apple Guy does Samsung phone repairs as well.

Apple is our pride and joy, we swear by it and are prepare to defend the reputation of the brand by saying it is far superior to any other try-hard smartphone but here it is, we’ll fix your Samsung all the same.

Joking aside, Samsung is a good phone. The repairs are a bit harder than on iPhone, the parts are more expensive but it is still a good phone to have and is worth fixing although in some cases the price of the new phone comes close to the price of the repair. You have to consider the environmental factors when making a decision, buying a new phone could be an attractive option but remember that your old phone will end up in the landfill together with lithium battery and all the other hard metals polluting our beautiful country for many years.

Repairing your phone is definitely more environmentally friendly and in most cases will save you money.

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