MacBook 15" GPU issue

GPU repair for MacBook 15″

All MacBook 15” A1286 laptops from 2010 – 2012 suffer from common fault. The graphics card otherwise known as GPU fails. GPU stands for graphics processing unit, it is part of your MacBook responsible for rendering and displaying images on the screen.

When GPU on the MacBook fails, the MacBook will either not boot or it will boot with distorted image usually showing lines throughout the apple logo while starting or will restart by itself with no apparent reason. The problem usually gets worse over time.

There are two solutions:

  1. Replace the entire logic board. This solution is easier but more expensive. We stock replacement boards for this model and can do the repair within one or two days. The repair cost ranges between $850 and $1100 depending on the exact specifications.
  2. Replace the GPU chip only. This solution is cheaper but takes more time. The process is done with a highly specialized machine for replacing GPU chips. The wait time can be three to four weeks depending on backlog. The price for this repair is $655.

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