GPU repair for MacBook 15″

All MacBook 15” A1286 laptops from 2010 – 2012 suffer from common fault. The graphics card otherwise known as GPU fails. GPU stands for graphics processing unit, it is part of your MacBook responsible for rendering and displaying images on the screen.

When GPU on the MacBook fails, the MacBook will either not boot or it will boot with distorted image usually showing lines throughout the apple logo while starting or will restart by itself with no apparent reason. The problem usually gets worse over time.

There are two solutions:

  1. Replace the entire logic board. This solution is easier but more expensive. We stock replacement boards for this model and can do the repair within one or two days. The repair cost ranges between $850 and $1100 depending on the exact specifications.
  2. Replace the GPU chip only. This solution is cheaper but takes more time. The process is done with a highly specialized machine for replacing GPU chips. The wait time can be three to four weeks depending on backlog. The price for this repair is $655.

Our Repair Business

Most common repairs, Apple Service, 80% of our time is spent doing these repairs:
iPhone screen, iPad screen, MacBook repair

Less common repairs, 20% of our time is spent doing these repairs:
iMac repair, iPod battery, Samsung screen, Windows Laptop/PC data and file recovery



Windows Laptop and PC Repairs

Computer repair and service in Wellington. We recognise there is a wide community of people out there using Windows based computers. Well without checking some reputable statistics I would dare say majority is using Windows over OS X or Linux.
We do offer most commonly required service such as data recovery, Hard Drive and RAM upgrades and virus checking and virus removal.
You might have a trusty old laptop that gave up the ghost with all your photos and music on it, your HDD have decided to die in the middle of your assignment and you need us to recover your files quickly. Our experienced MacBook repair staff are more than capable of helping you out with your Windows system.
We can install a solid state drive instead of your old hard drive or we can upgrade your HDD with a bigger HDD and transfer all your data and files to the new system.

Samsung Repairs

Yes, yes, yes SAMSUNG, you read it correctly. The Apple Guy does Samsung phone repairs as well.

Apple is our pride and joy, we swear by it and are prepare to defend the reputation of the brand by saying it is far superior to any other try-hard smartphone but here it is, we’ll fix your Samsung all the same.

Joking aside, Samsung is a good phone. The repairs are a bit harder than on iPhone, the parts are more expensive but it is still a good phone to have and is worth fixing although in some cases the price of the new phone comes close to the price of the repair. You have to consider the environmental factors when making a decision, buying a new phone could be an attractive option but remember that your old phone will end up in the landfill together with lithium battery and all the other hard metals polluting our beautiful country for many years.

Repairing your phone is definitely more environmentally friendly and in most cases will save you money.

MacBook and iMac Motherboard Repairs

Finally!!! We can provide this great service to our customers.

Dead main boards to motherboards are the most costly Mac repair that traditionally consisted of replacing the faulty motherboard with new working one.
For most MacBook Pro and Air models this repair is so expensive that most customers (especially if insurance is not paying the bill) opt out and look at buying a new or second hand MacBook or iMac.

Not any more! We can now fix lots of common MacBook motherboard problems without the expense of the new Apple motherboard. Our technician has perfected the art of main board troubleshooting and has so far fixed so many damaged motherboards that we can finally offer this service to our customers.

Most common MacBook motherboard problems are caused by liquid damage. Water or wine is spilled on the keyboard, it finds its way to the motherboard and it either shorts and burns a motherboard component or causes corrosion over time.

We have so far seen many backlight board failures that were only fixable by board replacement. We can now fix motherboard back light issue at half the cost it would be to replace the entire board. Same goes with power or charging issues or any other burned or corroded chip on the main board.

On iMac the most common issues are GPU and power supply issues.

There are still some motherboard problems that we can’t solve and would require new motherboard. CPU failure for example is one of these. CPU chip is hard to replace and the success rate is so low that it is still cheaper to replace entire board.

We will always quote customers for both options, motherboard replacement or motherboard repair.

For older MacBook Pro Unibody models, replacement of the motherboard with the new one exceeds the cost of the second hand unit on the market so dead board always meant no repair. Now we can fix these apple devices for a fair price and give them few more years of life.

MacBook iPhone & iPad For Sale

Our stock changes daily. The website gets updated once per week. Ring us for most up to date stock availability.

Refurbished MacBook Pro and Pro Retina models currently in stock:

141825 MAcBook Pro Retina 15″ 2017 2.9Ghz 250GB SSD $2499.00
139194 MacBook Pro 13″ 4GB RAM 500GB HDD $740.00
139224 MacBook Pro Retina 2.6 i5 8GB RAM 256SSD $1599

138776 iMac 21.5″ 3.1GHz i5 8GB RAM 1T HDD $990.00

MacBook Air currently in stock:

138977 MacBook Air 13″ 1.4Ghz 4GB 256SSD $990.00
135873 MacBook Air 13″ 1.6GHz i5 8GB RAM 250SSD $1,190.00
138877 MacBook Air 13″ 1.6GHz i5 4GB RAM 128SSD $990.00
139158 MacBook Air 13″ 1.6GHz 8GB RAM128GB SSD $1,090.00

Refurbished iPhones come with 3 months warranty:

iPhone X 64GB – $1099

iPhone 7 128GB – white $670
iPhone 7 128GB – black $670

iPhone 6s 64GB – white $479
iPhone 6s 32GB – white $449

We refurbish iPads from time to time, right now we have:

136153 iPad Air 2 64GB White $440.00
135164 iPad 2 16GB – White $200.00
138709 iPad mini 2 16GB $199.00

Please contact us regarding any of these Apple devices. We also might have more options in our Wellington store. We tr to update the website often but the stock changes daily.

Reference MacBook models:
A1278 – 13″ MacBook Pro Unibody
A1286 – 15″MacBook Pro Unibody
A1369 – 15″MacBook Pro Retina
A1502 – 13″MacBook Pro Retina
A1706 – 13″ MacBook Pro Retina with touch bar
A1708 – 13″ MacBook Pro Retina
A1707 – 15″ MacBook Pro Retina
A1425 – 13″MacBook Pro Retina
A1466 – 13″ MacBook Air
A1465 – 11″ MacBook Air

The Apple Guy Shop
The Apple Guy Shop

MacBook Repairs

We service MacBook, MacBook Pro and MacBook Air laptops. Most common repairs include LCD and glass replacement on MacBook Pro models, Hard Drive and hard drive cable replacement, RAM upgrade, SSD upgrades, battery replacements, keyboard replacement and track pad replacement.
We repair water damage on Macbooks. We manage to salvage most water damaged MacBooks with about 2-3 hours of labor and about $100 worth of parts. Most water damaged Macbooks do not require motherboard replacement.

We stock most MacBook parts including MagSafe chargers, thunderbolt adapters, Magic Mouse and more. All models are different but can be easily identified by the serial number at the back of the MacBook.

We buy MacBooks – Dead or Alive. We also sell second hand MacBooks and give 3 months warranty.