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If The Apple Guy proceeds with a repair as per direct communications with you (the customer), you will be liable for paying for the service in full and/or the minimum service charge.
Invoices are payable before collection or before goods are sent back via courier.
In the event that you cannot be contacted after 30 days from service completion and/or assessment, The Apple Guy will reserve the right to discard your device.
Any charges owing by you under these Terms & Conditions may be billed directly to your account.
The Apple Guy will not be held liable for phones lost or damaged in transit by courier.
The Apple Guy will not be liable for any data loss occurring during the repair of your device.
The Apple Guy will not be held responsible for any damage to the item you have left with them.
Not all repairs/unlocking can be successful.




* General Repair - Devices repaired by The Apple Guy will include a 90 day warranty for parts and/or services used from date of completion of the service.
** Special Repair - Notwithstanding issues arising subsequent to repair or assessment, The Apple Guy will not be liable for the refund of any deposits or monies paid in the event that a device is proven to have sustained impact damage, liquid damage and/or is a dead device as detailed below.
Devices found to have sustained liquid or impact damage, and devices deemed 'dead on arrival' (DOA), will not be covered by the standard 90 day The Apple Guy part and/or service warranty.
Liquid Damage: Where evidence of moisture, whether caused by liquid, solid or gas, is apparent on or within the device.
Impact Damage: Where evidence of physical damage caused by external force is apparent on or within the device.